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Fee Schedule

The Lake Camelot Board of Directors at their regular board meeting held Wednesday, November 20, 2019 voted on the proposed Annual Operating Budget for 2020 to raise the membership dues 9.8%, as allowed within the association's blue book from $665.00 to $731.00 per year. Annual dues are billed out the middle of January of each year and due by March lst.  Late fees due to non-payment by that date are added to the account as of April lst.

Payment on your account can be made in installments- weekly, bi-weekly or monthly over the first three months without any additional charges or late fees.  If you are unable to pay your dues by March 1st please contact the Lake Camelot office at 697-5339 to discuss payment arrangements, but please understand late fees will not be rescinded without approval of the board.

If you would like to request your late fees be waived, please submit your request in writing to the board with the reason for the request and submit it to the Lake Camelot office for presentation to the Board

The 2020 Proposed operating budget is posted on this page under Pages and Links, will be published in the November and December newsletter and was presented to the entire membership at the Annual Meeting held December 1, 2019 at 2:00p.m. in the Clubhouse.


Management Office




2023 Proposed Fee Schedule

Yearly Associations Dues                     $ 950

Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards                   $ 5

Boat Sticker (under 10hp)                     $20

ATV Decal                                                    $20

Boat Sticker (10hp and over)                $40

Building Fee for New Construction  $ 300

Property Transfer Fee                            $435

Fax Service - First Page                        $   .75

Fax Service - Each Additional Page   $  .50

Long Distance Phone Call                   $1.25

Incoming Fax Per Page                         $  .50

E-mail                                                        $1.25

Copies (per page)                                  $  .50

Mowing (Pre-Paid by March 1st)      $ 400 

Guest Pool Fee - Adult                          $5.00

Guest Pool Fee - Children (under 2 free)     $3.00

Swim Lessons - Members                 $30.00

Swim Lessons - Non-Members        $50.00


Telephone Directory  (1st free)       $3.00

Chlorine Tablets                                   $4.00

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